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Pulau Merah

A friend in Muncar said, come to Banyuwangi not complete without Red Island Coastal visited.

Arriving at a tourist site last week, I did not think going to see anything so exotic. Area sand large extend, interspersed sea pandanus trees that grow in groups. Layered waves roll after another move towards shore.

The charm is NOT what I encountered while in Kuta Beach Bali some time ago, although tourists who visit there so much more. Meanwhile, up ahead, there are several small islands. There mustaka Island, Island Manuk and Bedil Island. Island closest mound curved form that pops up from the seabed.

Almost the entire surface is covered with greenery. That's the Red Island, landmark of this area. I do not know why it was named so. But at least, there are two versions of the opinions of local residents regarding the origin of the naming of the island.

Some say because the color of the reddish soil. Some say, it is said that the island was once the red light glows. "Since then, the area formerly known as Pitu Ringin be renamed Red Island," said Chairman of the Working Group (WG) Tourism Island Red, Rakih (38).
Of the waves upon the reefs around the island presents its own beauty. At low tide, said Rakih, visitors can walk to the island. From the beach, just a hundred meters away.

According to him, the beaches in this area often used as a surfing lesson by amateurs. The composition of layered waves four to five romp often seen here. The average height of the waves of one to two feet.
Not surprisingly, the recent Red Island Beach started drawing attention of sport enthusiasts, both from the domestic as well as mancanegara.Karena it, the manager of the tour also provides rental services surfboard. With a pay rate of $ 25 thousand, visitors can use these tools as much during the day.

On a typical day, visitors can enter for free. But every red dates, they charged a ticket price of Rp 2 thousand per head. The beach is also usually more crowded on the holiday. "Tourists who come in can reach 500-600 people a day," he explained.

That afternoon, a gentle breeze blowing melenakan. Some children are absorbed in playing the sea, accompanied by their distinctive laughter. Some were there enjoying the evening air while cycling on the beach. From here, visitors can reach Pancer fishing village along the coastline to approximately 4 km to the west.

Rakih story, the tsunami in 1994 ago to be a nightmare for people who live in close Pancer and Red Island. At that time, the giant waves as high as 13 feet swept homes with other buildings in the region. After the event, there is only one building left intact mushalla standing in Hamlet Pancer.

"Unfortunately, it was torn down mushalla because nothing else deal with it," said Rakih.
Not far from the beach, there is a temple Tawang Alun. Rakih said, the official place of worship was built in 1980, is often visited by Hindus of Bromo and Bali. When the tsunami, the outer wall of the temple is also devastated. But the inside of the building, called Palinggih Padmasana, spared from the brunt of the ferocious waves.

On the eastern side of the region, there is a gold mining area managed by PT Indo Multi Niaga (PT IMN). A few years ago, the mining activities on land owned by the Perhutani could reap the resistance of the local population, including traditional fishing Pancer. Because they are accused of waste generated by the company's polluting the sea, thus adversely affected the survival of the ecosystem in this area.

Red Island beaches are located in the District Pesanggaran including part of the south coast of East Java. From Banyuwangi, tourist attractions can be reached in about three hours using four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles.

For those who want to spend more time at the beach Red Island, can use the services of accommodation in the homes of people around here. "Rental rates per night most expensive Rp 100 thousand," said Rakih.

Visitors need not bother if you want to block the stomach. Because, in this place provided a number of food stalls kept clean enough.

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